Education is the top priority of Indian parents and parents are increasingly aware of the importance of quality education and overall development of the child in early years.

The pre-school industry is growing at 30% and with more than 3/4th of our population below 35 years, India would need on an average 7000 schools to be setup every year for the next five years in Urban India alone.  While there are many pre-schools in the unorganized sector, there are very less professionals in this field.  Even big brands in this arena are not focusing on excellence and are rather highly commercial and do not provide value for money.

Our aim at Little Angels is to create an environment where teaching is a joy and learning a pleasure.  With our experience spanning for more than 28 years in the area of kids development and learning, we strive to keep changing as per the needs of the parents, the requirement of bigger schools and keep an ‘outside-in’ approach and thus resulting in 100% admission of our children to the choicest of schools.

The expansion drive we are into now, through a franchisee model, also has ‘excellence’ and ‘quality education’ as our prime motto, and our objective is to ensure that our partners have a satisfying relationship with us, our model being based on a concept of  ‘end-to-end support’.  The reason is that our partners success leads to success of our brand Little Angels.