Neha Choudhary , Parents of Nevisha Choudhary

Schools are one of the first places where kid’s behavior and future educational success is shaped. Teachers are carrier of either positive or negative behavior toward students. That’s the reason “Little Angels” is the perfect school for the first years of schools and kids learn the base of their educational life. It’s a home away from home and kids enjoy coming to school daily. We have sweet memories with Lttle Angels as this being the first school for both my daughters (Nehal and Nevisha). Currently Nevisha is with Little Angels and wants to go to school even on weekends. Teachers here are wonderful and help getting toddlers prepared for the main school in a fantastic way.

Our best wishes are always with Little Angels. 

Anshita Varma , Parents of Vivaan Tomar

 Little Angels Nursery School is one of its kind which gives excellent education to the toddlers. All the teachers are very humble and polite and they give personal attention to our wards. All the festivals are celebrated here with great joy and enthusiasm The Teaching methodology helps in developing the child’s personality and they get ready to conquer the world. With the new infrastructure and surroundings, our wards are very happy and they really have become our sweet Little Angels.

Mrs Gunjan Ryder and Mr Rodney D. Ryder , Parents of Mark W. Ryder & Rebecca A. Ryder

Little Angels Nursery School offers a great start for our children as they make the important transition from home to school. Our children have been very happy and comfortable coming to the school and have been enriched by their experience here. The school is spacious, sunlit and well ventilated. The teachers are warm, friendly and experienced. They are involved with each young learner in their care. The support staff has always been courteous and helpful. The School plans fun activities and celebrates festivals with great zeal.

Overall, we would rate the pre-schooling experience at Little Angels very highly. We would always remember this phase of our children’s life very fondly. 

Arehana Kannojia , Parents of Elisha Kannojia

Kids are like flower buds that need extreme love and care. The Little Angels’ wonderful staff and teachers are ensuring just that, laying a foundation to ensure they bloom into world’s prettiest flowers.

Dr Abhijit Kumar & Riturarna Sur , Parents of Aharshi Kumar

It really gladdens our heart to state that we are very proud to be associated with Little Angels Nursery School for almost 3 years through our sons Agniva & Aharshi. While the overall facilities and infrastructure is increasing by leaps and bounds under the able leadership of Wing Commander (Retd.) S.C. Tandon. The best thing about this school is the kind of individual attention that the teachers pay to your kids and help in bringing out the best from your ward.

We are grateful to all the teachers in general and Indu Maam in particular for their sincere and dedicated efforts.

Last year we applied in 8 prestigious schools of Noida for Nursery admission and our son was selected in 6 of them (including AIS, DPSN, Appejay, Somerville, Vishwa Bharti, KPS). In a few months from now our younger son Aharshi will be going to Amity International School, Noida. We cherish the beautiful memories of the school for our lifetime.

Amber Krishna , Parents of Ahaana Krishna

Playschool is a child’s first school. So, as parents we were quite skeptical when we started looking for a good playschool for our daughter. After looking at some playschools in the vicinity, we chose Little Angels as our daughter’s first school. And we are glad we made a right choice. Little Angles teachers are terrific – they are easy to communicate with, engaging and genuinely seem to enjoy what they do and where they work. The directors are friendly, approachable and welcoming.

There’s a lot of value in the education that she is receiving while being in a fun and engaging environment. Our 3 years old daughter is thriving there and enjoys every day she spends there.

Kartik Atri/Heena Atri , Parents of Vihaan Atri

A School with an experience of good glorious years and with wonderful teachers and staff to nurture the talent of all kids and bring the best in them. It is the best school in close vicinity where all children are taught about schooling as pre-nursery is the first step of schooling in their life. The school treats all children as an individual with distinctive learning inclination and unique ability and teach them accordingly for their best of interests.

We as parents are glad that our ward is going to a school where he is taught about the best values which will help him to grow as a good personality and human for tomorrow.

We would like to thank Little Angels to give the best to our child. 

Suvrat and Meha Chaturvedi , Parents of Ananya Chaturvedi

Our first choice of school for our older child Ananya was “Little Angels School” primarily due to proximity to our home and to get the basic foundation needed. But the school has far exceeded our expectations and aspirations as parents. Our little girl entered the school singing her rhymes and has blossomed into a confident student who knows more than her ABCs and 123s. The teaching methodology is really good which keeps the interest of the child going and the singing, poetry and story sessions have developed her oral skills. With the school’s new avatar and the appropriate child – teacher ratio. The environment of the school is quite relaxed and friendly which makes the child really comfortable. Many a times, I have seen individual attention being given to children, be it educational or emotional.

Little Angels is a great school that makes learning fun and I would like to thank the entire team for their diligence and caring attitude.

Neetee & Sumit Razdan , Parents of Puranjay

My son’s first school “Little Angel” is a great choice made by us after visiting lot of pre-schools in Noida. It has all good features that an ideal school should have. We are happy as parents that our child is going to a school which has good friendly atmosphere, lovely teachers and our son is happy to have Mrs. Puri as his first teacher and loves to spend time with her.

Ananya/Prasun , Parents of Shatakshi

As we were almost like the next door neighbor to Little Angels school, we planned to put our daughter there even before she attained the age of joining a play school. We knew of the teachers, facilitators, infrastructure and the way they nurture the young minds. After completion of more than a month with Little Angels, we have been ecstatic to see the change in our daughter in terms of communication, language learning, doing activities while reciting rhymes, socializing, comprehending the situations etc. Although she took a little time to get herself adjusted to the new environment, but she did fairly well. We were anxious, nervous initially along with our baby, but with the great support from the Little Angels Team, that feeling was gone.

We feel every child should go to schools like Little Angels for a brighter and better tomorrow.

Gunjan Mahajan , Parents of Aryan Gupta

My son was 2+ when we started sending him to school. He was a tough child, and sending him to school was an ordeal. We were so worried how would he manage, but my heartfelt thanks and gratitude for Bharti Madam that she made Aryan so comfortable with her. It was surely for her patience, warmth, experience, love, care and affection that my son just loves going to school everyday. I could make my son go to school because of her class teacher and we love her.

Thanks for all your efforts as a wonderful team.